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The Center for African Studies plays a role in extending OSU's academic resources and connections to the realms of both government and business. The increased pace of travel, communications, and trade with Africa fosters numerous opportunities for interaction in both areas. Columbus's robust African Diaspora communities lend another dimension, both locally and internationally, to developments in business and government. CAS's involvement in these areas has included:

accra and columbus mayors

* Diplomatic visits to the OSU campus in recent years have welcomed ambassadors and other diplomats from Uganda, Liberia, Somalia, Tanzania and South Africa. CAS organizes meetings with faculty and administrators to discuss mutual academic agendas, often as these affect economic and other national development goals. A common focus has been the strengthening of linkages between universities and industry, particularly in disciplines such as engineering, agriculture and medicine.

* Visiting representatives of African regional and national universities often come to discuss agendas that integrate academic, economic, and other development goals.  OSU has active partnerships with many post-secondary institutions throughout the continent.  Collaborative working relationships in East Africa through the Global One Health Initiative and the Global Water Institute, as well as in Cameroon, continue to develop.  

 OSU and CAS have been active partners in the 2016 Sister City partnership between Columbus and Accra, Ghana.  A collaborative project encouraging climate-resilient agriculture for urban youth in both settings has achieved impact and expanded relationships between both communities.