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About the Center for African Studies (CAS)

The Center for African Studies (CAS) is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of intellectual debate about Africa on the OSU campus, as well as throughout the greater Columbus metropolitan area, the state of Ohio, and the nation. Founded in 1988, CAS works to expand African studies curriculum across disciplines, increase interaction between Africanist faculty across campus, organize lectures and conferences, and conduct outreach activities with K12, business, government and civic groups. The Center is one of five area studies centers in the Office of International Affairs.

* Supports and works to expand OSU’s African studies curriculum across 40 academic departments and among 80 Africanist faculty.
* Organizes lectures, symposia, conferences and other events.
* Collaborates with other area studies centers, the Mershon Center, Women in Development, the Foreign Language Center, International Programs in Agriculture, OSU Study Abroad and International Students and Offices to provide international education opportunities.
* Conducts outreach to Columbus area teachers, representatives of government, business, the media, and civic and community groups to deepen understanding of African issues and strengthen working relationships with Africa and Africans.

The Center for African Studies is led by Dr Ousman Kobo, Director.  Please see the attached strategic plan for details about upcoming programs and activities. 

CAS Strategic Plan 2023 - 2026